Saturday, November 29, 2008

Yep. This is me at the lake so yep im not to interesting and dont have to many stories because well im young and have lots to experience still. I dont really know what to say but im a 17 year old dude that loves to paintball and im on a team that is BLV(Brotherhood Loyalty Victory).It is sweet and we have alot of fun when we all get together.I think im alot of fun to chill with and i got alot of friends so im doing somthing right.So yeah im out of crap to say so im dippin out.


beckyboop said...

Great pic! You are dippin out?

love you baby!

fineartist said...

And how, that pic, grrr, wolf whistle, oh yeah my nephew's a handsome stud.

And while you don't have as much experience as, say, someone who's older, you were born with a wise old soul and you tend to understand what people need, as in, need to do to make themselves better, and that's something everyone doesn't have.

I'm glad you dig the paintball, we all have to have something that we look forward to, mine's painting and yours is paintball, wow, I'll bet that means that YOU were heavily influenced by your aunt Loee...heh.

Dipping out, heh, leave that to me and your mom, we are so so good at it.

love you more than Crosby Stills Nash and Young, sunshine, and payday, Aunt Loee

Sir James E. Watkins said...

just dropin in on ya.