Saturday, November 29, 2008

Yep. This is me at the lake so yep im not to interesting and dont have to many stories because well im young and have lots to experience still. I dont really know what to say but im a 17 year old dude that loves to paintball and im on a team that is BLV(Brotherhood Loyalty Victory).It is sweet and we have alot of fun when we all get together.I think im alot of fun to chill with and i got alot of friends so im doing somthing right.So yeah im out of crap to say so im dippin out.


So i guess i will tell you all a lil bit about my life or what my crap writing skills will let me tell you. My life is pretty good i don't have to many complaints i have fun but i have to work hard some times to. I love dogs man they are the best thing to get to know they will always love you. My dream dog is a German Shepperd but we can not have one at this time because i got alot of animals. I worked out at sandstone amphitheater with my father Randy Dernovish he was the coolest guy you would ever meet but i will tell you all about him later. Recently i was luging down a hill on a skateboard and got some wicked road rash on my chest but its all good. Then about a week later today me and my buds were wrestling and my arm got messed up i dont know what is wrong with it but it hurts real bad and does not look right. I had a girlfriend Ashley she was 19 and a good women but i broke up with her after a 10 month thing whatever you want to call it but i put an end to it why im not sure i think i just got burnt out. She kept wanting me to talk and share my problems. im a dude, i dont do that stuff!